Spring Ahead

Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's that time of year again! And as I woke up this morning -- my body still in shock and convulsing from the theft of that one precious hour of sleep left me to say the least in a not so social mood.  Thank you, daylight savings.  But thoughts of future spring days and summer nights quickly melted away the bitterness and left me with a sunny side up disposition.  It was an absolutely beautiful day in Jacksonville and I wanted to dress the part.

So I'm really excited to announce to be working with eShakti.com.  I was beyond thrilled when they approached me to try out one of their custom made pieces.  eShakti is an online company that provides affordable custom made dresses for women sizes 0 -36W.  They have a great variety of the cutest and most flattering cotton pieces (fitted and flared dresses, 50's inspired skirts and snazzy jackets).   

I really love the concept of eShakti.  They have made the idea of tailored made clothing -- something that has been typically only available to the rich and fabulous -- tangible and within reach of the everyday and every shaped woman.  Their items can be ordered either in standard sizes or you can enter in your exact measurements for a custom fit.  Plus you receive your tailored made items within a week's time -- How amazing is that! When I order clothing online it's always a little nerve wracking when you're unsure of how the sizes run.  I get a little anxious when a box arrives hoping and praying that it contents just fit over my hump!  But with eShakti there is no worry since each dress is cut to order and made specifically for your curves.  Custom made dresses can cost a pretty penny but eShakti with it's latest technology in production, are able to provide personal customization at reasonable prices.  (Dresses range $40-$150) 

Right now Musings of a Curvy Lady (MCL) readers can get $25 off their first order with a free first time customization when you register with eShakti!  Plus you can get 50% off a second item!  You ladies just have to jump on this offer because it's only for a limited time! It's a great opportunity to stock up on springtime dresses or even to style your bridal party!  eShakti has a great bridesmaid selection and you can't beat these prices for personally customized dresses for your favorite ladies. 

I absolutely love my dress and it fits perfectly!  Thanks again eShakti!
Dress :: c/o eShakti.com
Shoes :: Guess
Earrings :: Kate Spade (gifted)
Bangles & Necklace :: Forever 21
Purse :: Charming Charlie

Thanks for reading and stay lovely.


  1. I love how u do what you do. Keep it up. God is for you.......

  2. You are such an inspiration gal ... happy i came across yo blog..... you are beautiful and you always nail it. Many blessings for you from Jehova. Cheers

  3. So beautiful! I checked out that site too and I'm so stoked... I loooove the dress designs and I'm super excited to order something. I've been looking everywhere for plus size retro inspired dresses and this seems like the spot! Thanks so much for sharing girl! =D

  4. btw, how do you get the reader discount? =D It may be in the post but I'm too excited and I can't find it... lol =P

  5. Thanks Rav! You get $25 off code via email when you sign up and register and account with eShakti. Hope that helps!

  6. I stumbled upon you blog today and I really love your style. Very classy something many women are not. This is a beautiful dress and I love the way you styled it .

    1. Thanks Ciaa I'm glad you like the blog! Thanks for reading xx

  7. lovely, you are gorgeous! this outfit pairing is spectacular


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