Tied Up


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hey everyone!  

I hope you're weekend was great and that you're enjoying your Sunday night.  I love Sundays for my simple itinerary consisting of attending my Sunday meeting, having my mom's cooking and chilling on the couch catching up on the Mindy Project & Law & Order SVU.  I have reserved my Sundays to remain a chill day even if I am tied up or behind on work and other projects.  I just need a day for me to decompress and laugh so I can get ready for approaching work week full of overthinking, making decisions and sending emails.  But before I get back to the chillin'  -- I wanted to post this look I styled around my new shoes.

I'm really excited to be working with Shoe Dazzle to bring you a couple looks from their new November arrivals.  They have tons of great flats, boots, booties and pumps that will satisfy any shoe enthusiast so it was hard to pick just one.  But I ended up going with this magenta pump with a fancy shmancy lace up detail that I thought was pretty neat.  The inside sold of this heel has an extra cushion which helps in making heels a little more comfortable to wear.  When you sign up with Shoe Dazzle your first purchase is 75% off!  That's some major savings so head over to check out the newest styles and satisfy for sweet shoe tooth.

Dress ::: Eloquii (old)
Sheer Button Down & Necklace ::: Deb (old & c/o)
Heels ::: Shoe Dazzle c/o
Handbag ::: Shop Lately c/o 

Stay Lovely

Thanks to Shoe Dazzle for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are my own. 


Baby, It's Cold Outside


Friday, November 21, 2014

When Floridians hear the words "hard freeze" or "freeze warning" they dust off the heat dials  on their thermostats and hide out in their homes to avoid the cold.  Me, being forever a Boston Girl at heart will always love and welcome a cold front while living in the Sunshine State.  

I welcome the opportunities to dress up in layers for this kind of weather.  However, layering on a bigger body can always prove to be a bit tricky.  You don't want to appear bigger than you actually are so I've learned some tricks over the years to avoid the bulk.  When I wear a chunky knit I opt for a thin sleeveless dress shirt to wear underneath.  It doesn't take much for me to get too warm so I try to minimize bulk by avoiding long sleeved dress shirts with long sleeved knits.  I remain comfortable but still have the appearance of layering with the collar visible.  

This satchel is my new favorite bag.  The structure and design is perfect for keeping my things in order and I love to be able to place a bag down and not worry about it losing it's shape.  It's from Shop Lately which some of you may know is an online market place where you can find tons of products from designers and brands in one place!  I first discovered Shop Lately from one of my readers and what an undiscovered treasure trove it was for me.  Beauty products, shoes, handbags and jewelry galore.  It can be a little overwhelming to the untrained online shopper but Shop Lately makes it easy with affordable prices, weekly sales and free shipping with their Insider's Club.  You are bound to find something that fits your personal style and with new arrivals every Monday the selection is always fresh and trendy.  So chef out Shop Lately and peruse the November Lookbook -- you're going to love it plus earn $10 to shop just for signing up via Facebook! 

Hat ::: Gifted
Coat / Sweater / Tights / Boots ::: Ashley Stewart c/o
Polka Dot Shirt ::: Ross (old)
Necklace ::: WetSeal (old)
Leather Skirt ::: ASOS (similar here)
Structured Satchel ::: Kit Cass USA via Shop Lately

 Stay Lovely

Thank you Shop Lately for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.


White Lace


Monday, November 17, 2014

I received this dress from Pink ClubWear & thought it would be perfect for my ladies out there shopping for an alternative bridal dress.  This dress is sassy and sweet with it's form fitting body con style and lace detail through out the entire dress.  This would be a great option for a wedding rehearsal or a glam bridal shower.  

Dress ::: Pink ClubWear c/o
Shoes ::: BooHoo
Earrings ::: F21 (old)

Speaking of wedding attire, yesterday Solange Knowles married longtime boyfriend Alan Ferguson in typical fantastical Solange style & flare.  I think it's a beautiful thing when a bride makes conscious decisions to make her wedding reflective of her own style, personality and relationship.  I think her bridal photography will break the internet...  Classiness executed perfectly.

Image from Google
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Coolin' It


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Do I look cool?  Because I felt cool wearing this outfit.  Haha!  I received this dress from Pink Club Wear and when I initially looked at it on the hanger I had no idea how I would style it.  It's an off the shoulder evening wear dress with a hi - lo hem which I wanted to down play as much as possible.  I usually do this by throwing on a biker jacket which helps to instantly make any outfit cooler.  (Thank you, James Dean.)  So to make it more glam I added some faux fur and a matte lippie to keep the look chic but remaining dark, romantic and always cool.

Faux Leather Evening Dress ::: Pink ClubWear c/o
Moto ::: Ashley Stewart ( a few seasons ago)
Faux Fur Collar ::: eBay
Booties ::: Shoe Dazzle
Quilted Bag & Beanie ::: Deb c/o
Necklace ::: WetSeal c/o
Stay Lovely


Thrifted Limeade


There's a little story behind this bright lime colored winter coat of mine.  Well technically it's my mother's but that's only a technicality because I've since borrowed it -- permanently.  She is a notorious thrifter and as a young child who was unappreciative of the ways of the thrifter I hated anything preowned -- I wanted it new new.  

Not that I got my way of course.  You could catch me on a regular basis wearing my mom's thrifted finds -- like the one year I rocked a galore of silk Gap blouses my mom scored.  I literally had one for every day of the month -- forget the week! But it so happened that on one of these thrifting trips my mom purchased this gem of a coat.  At the time I thought it was absolutely disgusting.  The putrid green was too bright, garish and unappealing to my naive and untrained eye.  Oh and when she decided to actually wear it out in public?!  I would beg my mother to wear something else because it was just too bright.  My mom simply told me if I don't like it don't look.  

She was right and she taught me an important lesson that day.  Fashion is personal -- it's an individual's ability to express themselves and there is no right or wrong way to do that.  Some may not like your cup of fashion tea but that's their problem - not yours.  My mother wasn't going to let the opinion of her sassy curvy kid or anyone else sway her from rocking her vintage thrifted limeade coat -- and I totally dig that about her.  

So a few years ago when my mother was moving to Florida we rediscovered the limeade coat while packing.  We laughed reminiscing of the memories we had made together while she wore the coat and packed it away and sent it off to Jacksonville with the rest of our stuff.  While I was visiting her over winter break from school I had forgotten to bring a decent winter coat with me -- I didn't realize how cold it could get here in Jacksonville so mom pulled out the limeade coat and said to wear it while I was there.  Years had passed since I first laid my eyes on the bright spectacle and although it's color hadn't changed my feelings toward the coat did.  I completely was in love and eager to wear it.  Since then my mother hasn't seem to be able to find her old thrifted limeade.  I wonder why ...  

Coat ::: My mother's (stolen by me)
Striped Shirt ::: Kohl's
Boyfriend Jeans ::: Torrid
Pumps ::: BooHoo
Envelope Bag ::: Zara (old)

 Stay Lovely


Obsessions of Late


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Okay, so some things that I have been obsessed with lately are the following and not in any particular order:  The Blacklist, Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato, Taylor Swift's poppy new album 1989, NYX Cosmetics, Blake Shelton saying "my Boo" to Pharell on the Voice, neutral nails, the Perfect Blowout, dark lippies and of course all grey everything.  

Here is another version of my Shades of Grey post.  It's definitely a more low key look -- for me anyway, ha!  The skinny jeans add a casual feel but the faux fur, bangin' baubles and suede booties keep me glam.  The look is chic and sophisticated but still playful and age appropriate.  I wore this to brunch with Christina from the Quarter Life Closet.  Check out her blog -- it's also another one of my obsessions of late.  She has some amazing pieces and her style is feminine and edgy-- not to mention she's beautiful.  

What have been your latest obsessions? -- I'd love to hear from you! 

Hi Lo Button Down / Faux Fur Vest ::: Ashley Stewart c/o
Jeans ::: Torrid (Super old -- like 7 years but love these)
Boots ::: Shoe Dazzle c/o
Handbag ::: Deb c/o
Necklace ::: Etsy
Bracelet ::: Shop Lately c/o 

Stay Lovely


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