Heels to Flats


Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm a girl that loves her heels.  I'm seriously addicted to those beautiful height defying arched contraptions that we get to wear on our feet and strut around in.   Heels do so much for your posture giving you instant height and killer legs.  It adds chicness and can basically change your life.  Don't believe me?  Can we take a second and talk about my girl Cinderella and her life altering glass stilettos!  And you can't knock Ariel and her desperate desire to get her a pair of legs because heels do so much for you and in her case she went from a Little Mermaid to a Princess.  But as beautiful as heels can be let's face it they can be just as deadly.  Heels can hurt and I blame Sex in the City and Miranda Kerr for making me think that hailing cabs and walking in designer heels all day was not only possible but easy.

I sported my first pair of kitten heels when I was 12 and along the way I've learned (the hard way at times) how to make heels real world wearable.  We all have those heels that we know are going to hurt but a helpful tip that I learned by one of the classiest ladies I know (my mom) is to never wear shoes for the first time the night you plan on debuting them to the world.  You will end up doing that weird Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie walk back to your car for sure.  Break them in around the house.  Me?  I like to do laundry in new heels.  It gives me time stretch them out and gives me an opportunity to sit and take a break.

Another helpful tip is to befriend flats and wedges.  It's not the end of the world if you can't wear 5 inch heels.  Flats can be just as stylish and are great options for when you know you will be doing more standing/walking.  I keep a pair of black ballet flats in my car at all times just because you never know when your going to need them and now they even have little slippers that you can throw in your purse when you go out.  I just never want to be that girl walking or dancing barefoot at a dance club or party.  Don't take your heels off in the club, please!  I feel that you know what you've signed up for when you decide to wear 5 inch heels out dancing.  At some point they will become uncomfortable but that's just the way it is.  Take the pain!  And if you can't don't wear them out dancing!  As a nurse and full time germaphobe there's nothing worse to me than a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress dancing bare foot on an ugly, gross, sweaty and probably sticky dance floor!  I just shuttered writing that last line... So be prepared so you can really enjoy your night!  Know what shoes will be right for your event or you'll end up being that girl sitting at her seat with her drink in her hand doing that shoulder and closed fisted dance routine all night long.  Believe me I've been there!  For a long time I just invested in my heel collection but taking the time to develop a quality collection of shoes that include more everyday wearable wedges, flats, booties and chunky heeled shoes has given me options to create styled looks that not only look good in pictures but are real world fashionable.

Sweater/Pants ::: Forever 21+ (pants are old but love these)
Sunnies ::: Wet Seal
Necklace ::: Mint & Lolly (c/o)
Purse ::: Shoe Dazzle (similar)
Shoes ::: Deb (c/o)

Flats ::: Forever 21 (old)

Stay Lovely


Black & White & Fab All Over


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's a no brainer that springtime means breaking out the day dresses in pastels, floral prints and bright cheery colors and as plus sized curvy girl I'm an advocate of wearing fun prints and color all year long.  But one fashion combo that might go unnoticed and unworn for spring is a timeless classic: Black and White.  B&W doesn't have to be shapeless, dull or penguin like at all.  You can create a sweet, romantic and ultra très chic look that will have no resemblance to the wait staff at your favorite restaurant.  One of my ultimate fashion fails was wearing a black and white outfit that had gotten me mistaken for a waitress.  I cringe at the memory.  Major fail. 

Thanks to eShakti I can put and keep that horrid moment in the past.  Their new arrivals come in great brights and pastels but I absolutely love the many springtime options they have in black and white.  Pair one of their skirts with a plain white tee and a statement necklace or a classic black and white striped top, add a pop of color and believe me no one will be mistaking you for the wait staff.   

Photos by Kirstin Marie

Top ::: Lane Bryant
Tutu ::: eShakti (c/o similar)
Shoes ::: Go Jane (no longer available)
Purse ::: Ebay
Necklaces ::: Etsy
Flower Pin ::: I forget! 

                             Betsy Skirt                                                        Scalloped Trim                                   Contrast Colorblock  

eShakti offers customizable cotton pieces in sizes 0-36.  Everyone woman regardless of how they are shaped can find their perfect fit!

Some other ultra femme and chic Black & White styles for Spring!

1. Forever 21+ Out At Sea Body Con Dress
2. Eloquii Studio Tank with Faux Leather Bodice & Ankle Pants
3. Eloquii Studio Texture & Faux Leather Moto & Ankle Pants
4. ASOS Curve Body Con Halter  & Sandals
5. ASOS Truly You Shorts

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Pastel Soldier


Monday, April 7, 2014

I love the juxtaposition of flavors, styles and genres.  Sweet & Salty.  Run DMC & Aerosmith.  Tough and Sweet -- and mixing these two elements in my fashion choices is really just a reflection of my personality.  Being too sweet can be nauseating.  Too tough and you risk becoming cold and isolated but the right amount of each to me is like creating dynamic ladylike power.

I've wanted to wear this military army vest for the longest but didn't know how to style it without it becoming a carbon copy of a Pinterest pin.  I wanted it to be all me.  So adding the sweet elements of pastels and the tulip hem of the skirt added femininity to the army green.  A little tough -- a bit sweet but all chic!

Vest ::: Torrid (old similar here & here)
Shirt ::: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (old, similar here)
Skirt ::: Eloquii (On sale now!)
Shoes ::: JCP (old but like these)
Clutch ::: Charming Charlie's (old)

Stay Lovely


Spring Has Sprung


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring has sprung y'all and that's just about as southern as I'm going to get today.  Unlike some parts of the United States -- it's starting to look and feel a lot like spring here in Jacksonville.  Spring is one of my favorite seasons because of the life and color it brings.  We are fortunate in North Florida to actually have a winter and spring before the heat of the summer season swells.  But before I literally start melting this summer I like to take advantage of being outside and going to one of my favorite places in Jacksonville, The Cummer Museum & Gardens in Riverside.  It's the perfect backdrop to celebrate a new season with it's pristine grounds right along the St. John's River.  I took blogger bestie Kirstin Marie and her visiting parents to the Gardens for the first time and I loved how they reacted to the beauty of the Cummer.  There's so much to appreciate here with it's charm and loveliness with it's nooks and cranies.  If you live here in Jacksonville take advantage of their permanent art collection and spring beauty and whimsy by visiting what I like to call our Petit Versailles -- plus admission is free every Tuesday 4-9pm and every first Saturday of the month -- which is this weekend!  So let's fête -- it's Spring!

Oh and congratulations to Alana (@hulkgirl) for winning my ASOS Giveaway!  I hope you get that scuba skirt you've been eyeing -- it'll be perfect for Spring!

Crop TopBanglesEarrings & Belt ::: Deb
Skirt ::: ASOS (size 14)
Shoes ::: Boohoo (Now 25% off!)
Necklace ::: Shoxie
Purse ::: Kenneth Cole (old, similar here)

Blogger Besties @Kirstin Marie

These unfortunately only lasted about 45 minutes on the cobblestone pathways.  But they sure do look pretty!

Can't you tell I'm a little excited over the weather we've been having!

Stay Lovely


Peace, Love & Curves


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Looking boho chic can propose a challenge for the plus size frame because a lot of the looks are flowy and oversized which can make you appear larger but don't let this idea turn you completely away from this trend.  It's super easy to create a cute bohemian look; the key is to create shape and contrast with your pieces --adding dimension and texture without adding size and shapelessness.  I love the variety of pretty and delicate pieces that Wet Seal + provides.  Their new spring collection is filled with tribal and floral prints, bright whites, detailed crotched and airy cotton pieces.   I love an easy going look like this for Floridian weekends running errands, grabbing lunch or spending some time at the beach.  Check out Wet Seal + New Arrivals -- you're sure to find the perfect boho look for that spring time festival or your everyday!

Floral Crown ::: ASOS
Crotched Top & Crotched Maxi Skirt ::: Wet Seal +
Happy Necklace & Flamingo Necklace ::: Wet Seal
Purse ::: Deb (love this)
Aviators ::: Kenneth Cole (old, similar)
Sandals ::: Shoe Dazzle (love these)

Stay Lovely


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